Gas Analyzer OXYBABY® M+

WITT Gas analyzer OXYBABY M+

WITT Gas analyzer OXYBABY M+WITT Gas analyzer OXYBABY M+
Witt Gas Analyser Oxybaby Mplus Table TopWitt Gas Analyser Oxybaby Mplus Table Top
Comparison O X Y B A B Y 6 M EnComparison O X Y B A B Y 6 M En
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O2- and O2/CO2- gas analyzer for MAP-packages, standard version

  • ideal for quality control
  • fast and precise sample testing
  • minimum sample gas requirement
  • O2 value is displayed in 0,01% steps
  • long lifetime of O2 sensor (approx. 2 years, depending on use)
  • portable and rechargeable
  • low follow-up costs: easy sensor replacement and calibration by user
  • can be used as a tabletop unit by simply inserting a hose

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Cordless handheld oxygen or combined oxygen/carbon dioxide analyzer for checking modified atmospheres in food packaging (MAP). The ideal instrument for portable, fast and accurate sample tests at the packaging machine, in stores or in laboratories.

OXYBABY® M+: a cost-effective, mobile alternative to tabletop/fixed analyzers.
Ensure that the quality of your packaged product is maintained (HACCP), guaranteeing continued
customer satisfaction.
OXYBABY® M+ is the ideal instrument for sample tests, requiring only a minimal amount of sample gas, allowing even the smallest of MAP packages to be tested.
Featuring an integrated data log of the last 100 measurements assigned to specific product names
or line numbers.


  • minimal sample gas requirement for testing even the smallest packages
  • cordless operation using rechargeable batteries
  • simple one-handed operation
  • sample flow control with warning in case of blocked needle
  • easy to clean
  • large illuminated graphic display
  • measurement alternatively also by hose
  • multilingual menu guide: German, English, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Polish, Japanese and Russian
  • integrated needle cover to protect needle and user
  • long lifetime of O2 sensor (approx. 2 years)
  • low maintenance costs

Complete in carrying case:

  • charging device and adaptor set
  • 2 spare needles
  • 2 spare filters
  • set of 100 rubber seals

case dimensions (HxWxD): approx. 12.79 x 15.16 x 4.53 inches
case weight: approx. 3.75 lb


  • hose with Luer-Lok connection for stationary measurement
  • can/bottle piercer
  • table rack/stand



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Inspection OXYBABY / PA

Inspection OXYBABY / PA

Calibration and maintenance - choose our definitive maintenance package



OXYBABY® accessories for headspace analysis of bottles and cans



Rubber seals, needles, sensors, battery etc. for OXYBABY®, PA, MAPY, MFA

Table stand

Table stand

Stainless Steel table stand for OXYBABY®



OXYBABY® accessories for analysis of very small packages


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