Quick Couplers / Hose couplings

WITT quick couplers  / hose couplings SK100 provide a safe, quick and distinctive connection of the hose with outlet points or working equipment.

They assure gas-tightness when disconnected. Integrated check valves prevent the formation of explosive gas mixtures in the pipeline.

Different probes for oxygen, fuel and inert gases avoid confusion between connections. A color-coded probe provides a simple selection of the right body and probe of the quick couplers / hose couplings.

WITT quick couplers / hose couplings are available with all common connections. A dirt-filter protects hose couplings and equipment.

The WITT quick couplers / hose couplings type SK100 conform to EN561/ISO7289 and are BAM approved (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing).

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