Gas Mixer KM100-600 MAPY ZRL

Gas mixer KM100-2M MAPY

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Electronic gas mixer and flow controller for 2 gases, with integrated O2 analysis for Modified Atmosphere Packaging

  • quality gas mixer from the world market leader
  • automatic regulation of gas quantity causes cost savings up to 30%
  • potential free contacts for min./ max. alarms
  • integrated MAPY gas analysis with integrated zirconia sensor for O2-measurement


Electronic mixing system of two gases and dosing system for modified atmospheres e.g. for Flowpack packaging machines for the food industry (MAP) and for space atmospheres e.g. during storage of fruits / vegetables.

Cost reduction:

  • savings of up to 30% via automatic regulation of gas quantity until the desired O2 concentration is obtained
  • non-destructive analysis safeguards the packaging quality and economy of the production


  • permanent control of O2-concentration via analysis
  • integrated zirkonia oxide sensor
  • elektronic gas flow control of the sensor
  • inlet pressures and/or temperature that are too low set off an audible/visual alarm and shut down the mixed gas supply and your process (e.g. the packaging machine) to avoid quality problems
  • independent of pressure fluctuations in the gas supply
  • independent of packaging speed (MAP)
  • independent of pack sizes (MAP)

Our gas mixers are always customized to the needs of the costumer. Please tell us your specifications, we will realize them.


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