Dome-Loaded Pressure Regulators - precise, stable, dynamic.

Pressure fluctuations in the gas supply are a risk factor in every industrial manufacturing process. Deviations in gas pressure due to withdrawal fluctuations pose a threat to the quality of downstream processes and can make end-products unusable.

Pressure regulators that are controlled by a gas cushion, so called dome-loaded pressure regulators, ensure maximum stability of the gas pressure even in case of withdrawal or inlet pressure fluctuations, thus ensuring maximum process safety and stability.

With its special design, rigorous simulations and live testing, WITT has optimized the functioning of dome-loaded pressure regulators. Innovations like Balanced Seat Design, Pilot Control Tube or the integrated and inlet pressure-compensated pilot pressure controller offer unique features.  

An excellent advantage of WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators over the conventional pressure controllers is their extremely stable outlet pressure even during major flow variations and inlet pressure fluctuations. The pressure regulation performance characteristics are extremely stable even in cases of extremely high or low flow rates.

WITT offers a wide range of high-performance and low-maintenance dome-loaded pressure regulators that are suitable for large flow rates of several thousand m3/h – in brass or stainless steel.  Even low pressure differences of less than 1 bar between the inlet pressure and outlet pressure can be accurately regulated. The own-medium control makes additional gas for the pilot pressure regulator redundant. The pilot pressure regulator (or an electrically-controlled proportional valve) enables maximum flexibility, and the outlet pressure can be easily adjusted.