OXYBABY® accessories for headspace analysis of canisters, bottles and cans

  • secure fixation of canisters, bottles and cans up to a height of 405 mm / 15.94 inches
  • for OXYBABY® M+ and 6.0
  • easy operation

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The OXYBABY® Can Piercer is essential for head space analysis of canisters, bottles and cans.
Safe interlocking and easy handling guarantees optimal quality controls also for canisters, bottles and cans with metal or plastic caps.

The Can Piercer can be adjusted up to 15.94 inches maximum canisters, bottles  or cans height. The integrated needle protection and robust needles prevents needle breakage.

Material: steel
Weight: 16.6 lb (without OXYBABY®)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 23 x 6.1 x 9.3 inches (packed, without OXYBABY®)

Suitable for OXYBABY® M+ and OXYBABY® 6.0.


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