Gas Mixers for Diving Technology

For example when welding pipes on the seabed, frequent dives are necessary. With a WITT gas mixer you can be sure you will never be out of air.

Gas mixtures of oxygen and helium (heliox) are used for the breathing gas supply. The diving gas heliox consists of 79% helium and 21% oxygen. The mixture is variable and depends on the necessary diving depth.

WITT designs special gas mixers for safe and flexible heliox gas mixtures for the filling of aqualung cylinders or for the supply of diving chambers. The mixing systems provide the feature of mixing the preset gas mixture of heliox with more oxygen using a touch panel. An integrated O2-analysis assures the right gas concentration at the mixer’s outlet point.

Breathing gas systems by WITT are subject to high quality standards to ensure the safety of the divers.