Gas mixer for hydrogen-natural gas mixtures

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The addition of green hydrogen into the natural gas grid and thus the partial replacement of natural gas is considered a possible step towards a climate-neutral energy supply

WITT offers gas mixers tailor-made for these hydrogen-natural gas mixtures. These devices from the market leader in gas mixing technology reliably generate specific gas mixtures, to the highest standards of precision and safety.

Worldwide, research is currently being conducted in the field of hydrogen/natural gas mixtures and their application in heating, and hydrogen contents between 10% and 30% are being tested. Previously used gas supply systems and equipment must be tested for suitability and adapted if necessary. WITT's hydrogen specialists provide the necessary gas mixers for test centers and research facilities, with which individual hydrogen / methane mixtures can be produced precisely and reproducibly.

The WITT mixers are scalable in performance according to requirements, from small individual solutions to large gas mixing units for complex test stands. On request, 3 or more gases can be mixed. In addition to methane, mixtures with other fuel gases such as propane or butane are also possible.

As expected from WITT, the gas mixers meet the high safety requirements in potentially explosive atmospheres and are tested in accordance with ATEX. Energy suppliers and plant engineers can thus reliably and safely develop solutions for future energy supply.

Other products from the WITT portfolio, such as gas analyzers or gas filters, can be combined with these gas mixers.