Next generation electronic gas mixers - Easy to integrate


The latest iteration of Witt's MEM+ gas mixer series focuses heavily on connectivity. With a choice of seven distinct interfaces, these gas mixers seamlessly integrate into existing systems such as packaging machines, laser welding machines, or other systems utilizing protective or process gases. The new generation of the MEM+ gas mixer series from the world market leader, Witt, delivers precise and reliable mixtures, optimizing your processes for maximum efficiency.

Standard interfaces include Analog 4-20 mA, Ethernet, CanBus, and OPC UA, with optional additions like Profinet, RS232, or Analog 0-10V, providing users with a wide array of communication and control options. Remote operation via PC, PLC, or machine controller is a breeze, allowing for convenient querying, setting, and documentation of every parameter. On-device operation is equally intuitive, thanks to its touchscreen and optimized menu navigation, enabling quick selection of pre-defined mixtures.

The MEM+ series presents cutting-edge gas mixing systems for two to three non-flammable gases such as N2, CO2, or O2. Inside, electronically operated motorized proportional valves deliver precise mixture adjustments in increments of 0.1 percent, with extremely rapid reaction times. Achieving the desired gas mixture typically takes less than three seconds, covering the entire proportioning range of 0-100% with an accuracy of better than ±1% absolute.

To ensure high accuracy and long-term mixture stability, the MEM+ series incorporates numerous features such as pressure equalization to counter pressure fluctuations in gas supply pressures. Continuous monitoring of inlet pressures, with an alarm for low pressure situations, adds an extra layer of safety. Additionally, a potential-free contact can halt the entire machine in case of issues. Fluctuating flow rates are handled smoothly thanks to the buffer tank. For added security, the mixer can be paired with a gas analyzer for continuous monitoring and documentation of the gas mixture generation process.

The MEM+ series offers various models with different mixed gas outputs to suit varying gas requirements. With a maximum inlet pressure of 20 bar and maximum outlet pressure of 10 bar, these devices are versatile enough to generate 2-gas mixtures even with 3-gas mixers. Encased in splash-proof housings crafted from brushed stainless steel, these mixers are not only robust but also highly durable.

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