Parallel gas supply with automatic switchover

Switch-over unit for a parallel gas supply

Switch-over unit for a parallel gas supply


An uninterruptible gas supply is an absolute requirement in many industrial manufacturing processes. A parallel installation of dual gas supplies linked by Witt-Gasetechnik’s automatic switch-over station promises the highest level of supply security. This solution also offers advantages during periods of peak demand, and makes maintenance easy.

The Witt changeover station monitors and controls two or more gas supply lines installed in parallel. These can be multiple gas mixers or a combination of gas mixer and emergency cylinder bundle.

Integral gas analyzers and pressure transmitters continuously send readings to the switching station which monitors the gas supply to ensure that it is functioning correctly.

If necessary, for example in the case of a pressure drop, the switch-over device automatically activates the second system and stops the gas flow of the first. The switch-over is seamless, continuous gas supply without loss of quality is always guaranteed. Production downtimes are avoided.

A further advantage of the Witt solution is that the second system can be set to cut-in automatically to cover demand peaks. The short-term increased gas demand is met and there is no impairment of the production process.

Maintenance or repair of the gas supply system is also easier to carry out with this parallel design. During maintenance, it is easy to switch over to the other system as and when required - without interrupting production. For evening out the load on the entire installation, the switchover between the individual gas mixers can also be carried out automatically on a weekly basis.

Operations are conveniently carried out via touch screen. For the control of additional external devices, the switch-over device also has optional potential-free contacts. Optical or acoustic alarm devices are also available.

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