The most accurate pressure control, dynamic pressure close to 1.5 barg, BAM Type Approved - Unique dome pressure regulator for acetylene supply systems


Ideal for acetylene applications, WITT is extending its product range with the ADR 75 dome-loaded pressure regulator, to meet the increasing demand for high-quality acetylene pressure regulators.

The high-performance ADR 75 was developed as a main regulator and offers incomparable outlet pressure stability with minimal dynamic pressure loss, at flow rates of up to 75 Nm3/h. The regulator has Type Approval in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7291:2021-03 No. 9.4.6 by the BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing). The ADR 75 thus also complies with the design criteria of the German TRGS 407 Annex 4 Acetylene.

Acetylene is still a preferred gas in many oxyfuel applications owing to its high flame temperature. In the acetylene supply of these applications, the ADR 75 serves to reduce the pressure from high pressure to medium pressure. Like all WITT dome-loaded pressure regulators, it offers unparalleled pressure consistency independent of inlet pressure and flow rate. This is particularly important for processes that are sensitive to pressure fluctuations in the working pressure.

Thanks to the minimal difference between its static and dynamic outlet pressures, the pressure downstream of the ADR 75 remains as close as possible to 1.5 barg; an important criterion for some heat treatment processes, for example. In addition, the regulator enables maximum emptying of cylinder bundles. The user can therefore get more gas from each bundle, and the gas supplier needs to change the bundles less often.

The new WITT dome pressure regulator is own-medium controlled, i.e. it uses the acetylene gas to supply the pilot pressure regulator and therefore does not require a separate gas

It will precisely regulate inlet pressures of up to 25 barg, to outlet pressures adjustable in the range 0.5 - 1.5 barg. As a special version, outlet pressures of up to 2.5 barg are also available. A filter protects the regulator from contamination and extends its service life. The ADR 75 comes as a fully assembled set, including pilot pressure regulator as well as inlet and outlet pressure gauges. Alternatively, WITT also offers the regulator integrated into a complete pressure regulating station according to DIN EN ISO 14114.