OXYBABY-accessoire voor kopruimte-analyse van flessen en blikken

  • veilige vergrendeling van flessen en blikken tot een hoogte van 390 mm
  • geschikt voor OXYBABY M+ en 6.0
  • eenvoudige bediening

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The OXYBABY® Can-Piercer is essential for head space analysis of bottles and cans.
The secure fixation and ease of use provided by the Can-Piercer guarantee optimal quality control also for bottles and cans with metal or plastic caps.

The Can-Piercer can be adjusted to fit bottles and cans up to a maximum height of 390 mm. The integrated needle protection and robust needles prevent needle breakage.

Material: steel
Weight: 7,5 kg (without OXYBABY®)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 585 x 155 x 235 mm (packed, without OXYBABY®)

Suitable for OXYBABY® M+ and OXYBABY® 6.0.


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