ANUGA FOODTEC: Protective gas packaging - never without gas analysis


For modified atmosphere packaging to fulfil its full function and guarantee the shelf life of the food as desired, the gas mixture must be right. At Anuga FoodTec, MAP specialist WITT will be presenting definitive means to verify the mixture: the MAPY series offers ways to analyze in-line, while the OXYBABY® and OXYPAD analyzers are used for spot checks. The combination of both methods is ideal for particularly effective quality assurance.

MAPY – In-line gas analyzer O2/CO2

WITT’s MAPY series of in-line O2 and/or CO2 analyzers enables precise and reliable determination of modified atmospheres during the packaging process, thus increasing process efficiency and product safety. The MAPY LE version is specially designed for tubular bag packaging machines. A gas sample is continuously taken from the closing tubular bag using a lance. The MAPY VAC version is suitable for tray sealing and thermoforming packaging machines. The device first checks the vacuum pulled in the machine, and then measures the incoming shielding gas directly in the sealing mold. Additional monitoring of the gas concentration in the buffer container is also possible. MAPY LE and MAPY VAC will alarm if the limit values are breached and can be integrated into existing systems via interfaces. These compact devices in their hygienic stainless-steel housing can be easily installed on the packaging machine.


OXYBABY® and OXYPAD -O2/CO2 gas analyzers for samples’ analysis

The OXYBABY® and OXYPAD models are used to analyze samples after sealing. A sample is taken from the packaging via the device’s needle. The correct composition of the modified atmosphere can be checked quickly and accurately anywhere, directly on the packaging line, in the warehouse or laboratory, thanks to its battery operation. 6 seconds measuring time, 2 ml gas requirement, display of the O2 value in 0.01% increments, extremely easy handling with one-hand operation – and the OXYBABY® mobile helper provides the user with optimum support. The new OXYPAD model also offers added value thanks to its innovative design. With a 7'' touchscreen, the device is a fully-fledged desktop analyzer, while the OXYPAD weighs just under 600 grams and has compact dimensions, making it ideal for mobile use. Additional features such as the lockable front flap for the tube and needle and the ergonomic needle holder offer additional ease of use and safety. The WITT devices impress with their low operating costs, long-life oxygen sensor and ease of servicing. The user can conduct the calibration him/herself. The O2 sensor, battery, needle, hose, and filter can be replaced separately.

Trade Show: Anuga FoodTec 19.03. - 22.03.2024 Cologne, Germany
Hall: 8.1 Booth: B009