Ruimtebewaking RLA 100

Ruimtebewaking voor detectie van CO2

  • 2 willekeurige instelbare alarmgrenzen
  • met digitale uitlezing en LEDs
  • eenvoudige wandmontage
  • Alarmsignaal en toeter

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Ambient Air Monitoring System RLA 100 for the detection of carbon dioxide (CO2).


  • 2 alarm limits (adjustable)
  • A 4-digit digital display and 4 LEDs provide continuous visual monitoring of the gas concentration
  • easily accessible potential-free changeover contact via cable available at lower side on front
  • Control and Display Unit with integrated alarm device (alarm lamp and -buzzer)
  • easy wall mounting

Components of system:

1. Control and Display Unit
2. Remote Display Unit
3. Cable for connection of Remote Display Unit and Control Display Unit


  • other gases on request


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