MDV voor branders met voorgemengd gas

MDV voor branders met voorgemengd gas

  • kwaliteits gasmenger van de wereld marktleider
  • flexibele regeling van proportionele mengventielen of separate mengventielen
  • wijzigen van de instellingsparameters met visueel contact van de brander mogelijk
  • reductie van de toegangs en uitvaltijden een perfecte reproduceerbaarheid van de instellingswaarden
  • geintegreerde WITT-beveiligingstechniek ter voorkoming van vlamterugslag

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MDV gas mixing and metering system for the flexible production and flow control of fuel gases mixed with oxygen or air; specially designed for burners working with pre-mixed gases.


  • the flexible arrangement of proportional mixing valves (2 gases) or single metering valves (3 gases) provides the flexibility to meet the mixed gas supply requirements of various types of processing machinery
  • subsequent changes of machine parameters, e.g. capacities or number of burners, can be easily accomplished because of the modular design
  • all parameters can be adjusted with the burners in sight due to the installation of both mixing and metering valves close to the burners
  • the perfect repeatability of the parameter settings enables the initial setting of the burners before actually starting the process. This results in reduced set-up times as well as in minimised cost of rejects during start-up
  • low assembly cost due to very convenient assembly of mixing and metering valves without any additional pipe work, brackets or housings
  • integrated WITT safety technology to prevent dangerous flashbacks or back burns into the gas supply system protecting life and equipment

Please indicate the individual gases as well as number and capacities of the required burners when ordering!

Our gas mixers are always customised to the needs of the costumer. Please tell us your specifications, we will realise them.