Schakel- en bewakingsunit voor de automatische omschakeling van gasmengers naar een continue gasafname

  • kwaliteits gasmenger van de wereld marktleider
  • omschakeling bij fouten naar een Standby-menger
  • omschakeling naar een noodvoorziening (flessenbundel)
  • wekelijkse wisseling van de gasmenger (gelijkmatige belasting-benutting)
  • bij topproductie (hoog gasverbruik) worden beide gasmengers geactiveerd

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Switch and control unit for automatic changeover of gas mixers. Provides a smooth process flow and optimal results with a continuous gas flow.


  • intelligent control - the last selected gas supply will be activated after an emergency stop
  • compatible with WITT-gas mixers
  • quick and easy wall mounting
  • visual alarm
  • status indication by illuminated push-button and display
  • integrated emergency cut-out
  • Ex-version available

Operation / Usage:

  • for automatic changeover of gas mixers for continuous gas withdrawal
  • applicable for switching an emergency supply


  • the changeover station is working superior

    3 conditions are possible:
    active - no fault ⇨ mixer active
    standby - no fault ⇨ mixer not active
    fault - fault is available ⇨ fault remedy / acknowledge

  • scope of operation

    changeover to standby mixer at fault
    changeover to emergency supply (bundle)
    weekly change of gas mixers (constant efficiency)
    during high production (high gas consumption) both mixers will be activated (additional pressure
    transmitters required)
    changeover in case of mixer calibration (full automatic calibration is required)


  • applicable solenoid valves for automatic changeover to emergency supply
  • potential-free contacts
  • audible alarm device
  • flashing beacon

Company certified according to ISO 9001
CE-marked according to:
- EMC 2014/30/EU
- Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU
- ATEX 114 Directive 2014/34/EU

The two mixers will be activated during high production (high gas consumption) - option available upon consultation.
Retrofit on request.


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