Accessories for WITT gas analyser Oxybaby

Accessories for WITT gas analyser OxybabyAccessories for WITT gas analyser Oxybaby
Tube For Witt Gas Analyser OxybabyTube For Witt Gas Analyser Oxybaby
Pads For Witt Gas Analyser OxybabyPads For Witt Gas Analyser Oxybaby
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Sluitrubbers, naalden, sensoren, accumulator etc. voor OXYBABY, PA, MAPY, MFA

  • originele onderdelen van de leverancier
  • gunstig, snel en betrouwbaar
  • perfect voor uw WITT Gasanalysers


    Your WITT-Gas analyser is made of robust material and needs very little maintenance.

    Wear and tear, however, is the natural consequence of daily use. To make sure that replacement materials harmonise perfectly with your WITT device, we recommend original WITT spare parts. Cost-effective, quick and reliable.
    Suitable for all OXYBABY®-, PA-, MAPY- and MFA- models.

    O2 sensor
    Especially long service life time (approx. 2 years in air). Can be replaced by the customer himself.



    Foam rubber seals for sealing the sample site at the package
    Package each 500 pieces

    Hose with Luer-Lok
    Connection for using OXYBABY® as stationary device (table top version, with Can-Piercer or with Aquacheck)

    Rechargeable battery


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