Vocht Analyser MFA H2O

Stationaire Analyser voor het meten van vocht in gassen

  • betrouwbaar, snel en precies
  • dauwpunt van -110 °C tot +20 °C
  • voor een veelvoud van technische toepassingen
  • geintegreerde meetwaardenopslag voor het dauwpunt, temperatuur en druk
  • optioneel: overdrukuitvoering, vacuumpomp

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The newly designed analysers offer many advantages over older technologies, exhibiting an improved responsiveness particularly when used in an environment with low water vapour concentration, resulting in a greater measurement range from a -110 °C (-166°F) up to a +20 °C (+68°F) dewpoint.
The greater speed of measurement, improved reproducibility, sensitivity to ambient temperatures, higher reliability and accuracy with greater cost-effectiveness make the instruments a technological leader.

The Laboratory and Process Control applications for the moisture analysers meet the needs of a wide range of industries: petrochemical, power generation, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, non-fossil fuels, and industrial gases and environmental.

The measurement is temperature compensated with built-in sensors. Additional a pressure compensated measurement is possible by an optional pressure sensor.

All analysers are provided with traceable calibrations.


  • fast response time
  • state-of-the-art sensor technology
  • -110 °C up to +20 °C (-166 °F up to +68 °F) dewpoint
  • easy navigation, large display
  • cordless operation using rechargeable batteries
  • data transfer and charge of batteries via USB port
  • integrated data log of the dewpoint, temperature and pressure
  • large illuminated graphic display
  • model for higher inlet pressures with built-in metering valve and flow meter
  • MFA H2O: portable benchtop analyser

Completely inclusive:

  • USB-cable
  • AC universal power adapter with USB connector
  • CD-ROM with:
    - software (demo-version)
    - operating instructions 


  • passive analogue output 4-20 mA (max. 30 V DC power supply by customer)
  • data cable
  • software licence code for instant documentation
  • pressure sensor with automatic dewpoint correction
  • vacuum pump, built-in includes battery and external charger

Other models, options and accessories available on request.


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