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WITT Control Unit PLUS

WITT Control Unit PLUSWITT Control Unit PLUS
WITT Lek Detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY, met elektronische controle PLUSWITT Lek Detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY, met elektronische controle PLUS
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Besturing voor elektronische besturing van de lekdetectie LEAK-MASTER® EASY

  • zorgt ervoor dat de bediening van de LEAK-MASTER EASY nog makkelijker is
  • snelle, gestandaardiseerde testen
  • optimale documentatie
  • eenvoudig in te bouwen

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Controler for leak detector LEAK-MASTER® EASY. In combination with LEAK-MASTER® EASY features non-destructive detection of the smallest leaks without the need of costly helium.
Pre-defined measurement programmes, an altitude simulation as well as an user independently quick and continuously working mode characterise this device.

Together with the exclusive GASCONTROL CENTER-Software the measured results can be documented providing complete traceability. Provide your customer, auditor and so on with the results ensuring that your product has the best possible quality.
Easily connected to your LEAK-MASTER® EASY. A flexible controller to guarantee quality and productivity of production processes.


  • minimal response time
  • quick product change
  • no calibration required
  • simple to operate via touchscreen
  • easy installation and start-up
  • permanent monitoring of set limit values
  • operator friendly – data and process parameter entry and administration by means of integrated keyboard or remote personal computer (e.g. MS-Excel®)
  • convenient data administration and evaluation for customer oriented quality documentation
  • alarm signals are given if the set limits are exceeded and a potential free contact operates to e.g. auto-stop your machine to avoid quality problems
  • easy installation and start-up
  • hygienic and easy to clean splash-proof stainless steel cabinet / housing
  • remote transmission of results via Ethernet
  • potential free alarm contact for connection of external audible/visual device
  • USB connection for file transfer by USB memory stick
  • Ethernet connection for network integration
  • measured data storage
  • administration of product names
  • user management for measurement personalization
  • for retrofitting your existing LEAK-MASTER® EASY


  • Barcode Reader for simple and quick user/product selection with IP-protection
  • software GASCONTROL CENTER for recording of results (see separate data sheet)


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