Veiligheidsventielen SV 805 / SV 805A

Veiligheidsventielen voor het afblazen van dampen en gassen uit buffers, leidingen etc., 0,5 tot 45 bar

  • veerbelast, directwerkende afblaasveiligheid
  • ieder appendage wordt 100% getest
  • met en zonder beluchtinssysteem
  • conform de machinerichtlijn 2014/68/EU, Module H
  • CE 0045
  • individuele openingsdruk
  • Baulengte:  90-148 mm, 260/660 g
  • NIEUW: "smart option" voor netwerkproductie

Dit model is ook in RVS leverbaar

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Spring-loaded, direct-acting safety relief valve for venting excess pressure from receivers, pipelines and other equipment.


  • conforms to PED 2014/68/EC, category IV, Module B and D
  • individual opening pressure
  • TÜV-certification of pressure setting
  • sealing material to suit gas or at customer's request
  • compact size for easy, problem-free installation
  • range of inlet connections
  • with / without condensation outlet
  • protective dust cap
  • SV805A (manual ventilation), for checking of safety function
  • adapter for connection to ventilation pipe


  • signals its status: open or closed
  • digital NPN / PNP open collector signal


  • Manufactured and certified in accordance with EN ISO 4126-1
  • Company certified to ISO 9001 and PED 2014/68/EC Module H
  • CE-marked in accordance with PED 2014/68/EC
  • Cleaned for Oxygen Service according to EIGA IGC Doc 13/12/E: Oxygen Pipeline and Piping Systems

Other models, options and accessories available on request.
Please identify the individual gases, temperature, opening pressure, inlet connection and with or without condensation outlet at the time of enquiring!